USA Wild Fire Regions Need A Retro Fit Ember Defect Plan Now

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January 9, 2019 by Steve Conboy

Why doesn’t the State of California treat its wildfire hazards like it battles flood risks?

The State decided long ago that flood control was worthy of government spending. Why not provide risk abatement for wildfires?

Flooding has never been reason enough to halt development in California. Instead, flood control has been embraced as a way to keep progress moving ahead.

So why should wildfires be reacted to and allowed to curtail development, rather than be addressed proactively, with proactive defense plans?

California wildfires scorched 1.9 million acres last year — as much land as Delaware and Rhode Island combined — destroying thousands of California homes and killing more than 100 people.

The fires sparked lots of conversation about banning or restricting new home construction in high-risk fire zones. Read Article

I’m a national fire expert and manager of an innovative applied fire science and technology company, M-Fire Suppression, Inc., based in San Diego, California. We protect buildings, construction workers, fireman and builders with a new best practice that is a cost effective fire risk solution that is UL GreenGuard Gold Certified, and safe to use on all jobsites. We have also developed a highly-affordable wildfire resilient plan that can defend all homes from these Western Region brush fires.

Part of our wildfire defense plan involves installing retro-fitted wildfire ember filters in the defectively-designed soffit vents in millions of homes across the Great Western Region, including California. These ember suppression filters will stop hot wildfire embers from starting fires in the dry attics of buildings during wildfire storms, and save many homes from total destruction. We also offer our Mighty Fire Breaker™ clean wildfire inhibitor spray services to defend against and reduce the energy of wildfires, based on powerful applied fire science that works.

We have asked the Administration on the Hill to call a wild fire defense summit bringing together new experts having open minds to identify and try new applied fire science technology and solutions, like developed by M-Fire Suppression, that will mitigate wildfire risks in ways that current plans and solution simply have not and cannot do.

I’m afraid we are going to rack up more historical losses next year, as thousands of homes in vulnerable dry hills full of fuel have the same major design flaw. Without a new resilient wildfire defense plan in place, I regret that thousands of homes will be lost once again when the dry Santa Ana winds blow over all the dry fuel covering our land.

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