Either Embrace New Applied Science Or We Watch More Of What Seems Like Science Fiction In Weather Event Loss

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Our prayers go out to all the families that have lost there homes to these radical storms in the last two years. Please pray for us as we try to change a building industry to try and build more resilient.

Either Embrace New Applied Science Or We Watch More Of What Seems Like Science Fiction In Weather Event Loss

December 29, 2018 by Steve Conboy

M-Fire's Environmentally Friendly Climate Applied Science Technology Defends Carbon Storage In Wood Products And Has A New Huge Value In The Process Of Building Smarter (With Less Risk Of Loss).

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the main greenhouse gas causing new weather related global warming events. The combustion of fossil fuels produces around 21.3 billion tones of CO2 per year. It has been estimated that natural processes can only absorb about half of that amount, so there is a net increase of 10.65 billion tons of atmospheric CO2 per year. Air pollution monitoring readings across the globe rose at the highest rate on record this year with all the wild fires.

If fossil resources are used as energy resources then that means increase of carbon in the atmosphere and increase of CO2 in the atmosphere; if biomass resources are used as energy sources the amounts of CO2 in the atmosphere will increase.

The existing total amount of carbon in atmosphere will remain the same even as we add cleaner energy because of the increase of humans. Until we recognize things like fire defended lumber built buildings as carbon storage banks verses things built out of carbon producing products we will never have a positive impact no matter how much clean energy comes on line.

An American Company, M-Fire Suppression Inc. is announcing an innovative program that will calculate the amount of carbon sequestered and stored and fire defended in the lumber for builders in high density stick framed and mass timber CLT buildings only for those builders that are willing to fire defend 100 percent of the interior lumber. By fire defending the lumber they are defending the carbon from ever being released.

M-Fire has defended carbon stored in lumber by high density multi-family projects all around the USA, in 2018. One of those great builders defended millions of board feet of lumber on 100 percent of there projects in 2018 creating carbon storage banks from coast to coast.

M-Fire's Applied Science and Technology for Protecting/Defending Sequestered-Carbon Stored Within All Wood Buildings = (EQUALS) a New Form of Clean Energy Technology. As a building community, we must evolve and embrace all forms of new innovative sciences which help clean up the damage we are doing on this over populated planet.

This carbon defended calculator initiative will also provide support for M-Fire to look to amend the Governments 45Q carbon tax credit. Our goal is to ask Congress to reward our great American Builders that are willing to build above the code. Building above the code has many positive impacts which lower greenhouse gasses, reduce risk premiums, make wood structures safer for workers and firefighters and finally, defend the reputation of lumber; The best natural resource on our planet that meets the demands for housing.

Just consider a whopping 50,000 pounds a year! That’s the average American's total carbon footprint which includes the emissions from your home, car, air travel and everything you use. We are all responsible for climate change and we all must be part of the solution.

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