US Builders Are Embracing Our Fire Elimination Innovation As Veterans Run
M-FIRE Fire Defense Teams.

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Next step for M-Fire is to add a proactive wild fire defense plan alongside our brave firefighters on the ground to save wild fire prone communities.

US Builders Are Embracing Our Fire Elimination Innovation As Veterans Run M-FIRE Fire Defense Teams.

November 12, 2018 by Steve Conboy

To maintain standards of excellence, America's construction industry has adapted in many ways over the years to meet many challenges arising in the industry and our society.

For example, to reduce the risk of ignition and destruction from arson attacks during the construction phase of high-density wood-framed buildings, many of our great high-density builders are now embracing and supporting the newest best practice developed for defending wood framed structures from arson fires during construction. As the inventor of this new cost-effective way to defend all the interior lumber and being from within the building industry I realized we had to do more to defend our builders from all these arson attacks. When I created Mighty Fire Breaker™ Job Site Spray Process and System, I knew that it had to have testing that supports the use of the safest fire inhibiting chemistry on any job site, covered by UL GreenGuard Gold certification. I also knew the Mighty Fire Breaker™ Fire Protection Spray Process and Chemistry had to be kept from the supply chain to remain cost-effective and affordable to all builders and owners — without the conventional two step mark up. The test results have proven that when Mighty Fire Breaker™ clean fire inhibiting chemistry is applied to all the lumber and sheathing used to build a wood-framed building, we then stand a much better chance to lower the risk of complete loss by fire, as opposed to the building constructed from raw lumber without fire protection. Providing Mighty Fire Breaker™ Class-A Fire-Protection on all the interior lumber of wood-framed buildings under construction makes jobs safer for construction workers, firefighters, and first responders.

Recently, at the Houston 2018 IRMI Conference, I was proud to see Avalon Bay Communities recieve IRMI's 2018 Innovation Award for their Fire Elimination Plan using Mighty Fire Breaker Job-Site Fire Protection on one hundred-percent of all raw lumber and sheathing used on all jobs in the USA.

I would like to thank everyone who attended the "M-Fire Suppression" information event on Tuesday, November 6, 2018 in Houston, TX. The purpose of this event was to introduce leaders and workers in the industry to beneficial loss control technology, and educate the industry in evolving loss control strategies and measures. During construction, fire is the most prevalent exposure today for Builder’s Risk coverages, especially in the wood frame construction segment. The goal of my prsentation was to not only provide education on the use and benefits of new cost-effective technologies but how the reduction in loss exposure could be considered in premium calculations. Lockton Companies, LLC. hopes that as Underwriters evaluate the use of M-Fire Suppression, alternate premium structures can be developed and disseminated to Owners and General Contractors to offset the cost of these technologies.

In order to lower risk on wood framed buildings during construction from fire, we have to become smarter than the wood because, to any spark or fire, raw wood is raw fuel.

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