Defending The Recent US Urban Housing Crisis Risk Of Arson Attacks

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Defending The Recent US Urban Housing Crisis Risk Of Arson Attacks

November 1, 2018 by Steve Conboy

M-Fire Suppression Is Out To Defend Builders And Insurance Underwriters In Solidarity. We Are Steadfast In Helping Lower The Risk Of Complete Loss In High Density Raw Wood Framed Buildings During Construction Especially Now With All The Arson Attack’s Around The USA.

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Given all the recent high density wood framed building fires, it's no wonder the Mass Timber CLT movement has gone quiet and seems to have stalled because, after all, who will insure them if they are using raw wood during construction. M-Fire has proven with 3rd party accredited fire laboratory test results, that it does make CLT buildings less risky during construction. M-Fire is about to burn 2 mass timber buildings, to prove once again it will lower the risk of loss even with an arson attack. It will be clearly evident, when we burn these buildings, side by side, as we have done all around the USA on stick built OSB sheathed buildings, how superior Mighty FireBreakerâ„¢ is.

Our goal is not to convince the Mass Timber Producer. We are out to defend the builders and insurance providers looking to lower risk premiums to help kick start more mass timber buildings. M-Fire continues to lobby the current administration to amend the 45Q carbon tax credit to add high density wood framed buildings for a carbon tax credit. This would mean for the first time in the history of building wood framed affordable housing, we would be documenting and calculating the amount of carbon stored and defended in wood framed housing projects. As trees grow in our reforestation programs, they remove the carbon we all create from emissions and sequesters carbon needed to grow wood fiber. If we defend the wood from fire, we should give our builders the same tax credit as power plants get to collect carbon. Wood framed housing carbon storage banks would represent the biggest thing the green building movement has ever seen to defend the air quality for future generations.

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