President Trump Calls Out California On Its Wild Fire Problem

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President Trump Calls Out California On Its Wild Fire Problem

October 18, 2018 by Steve Conboy

The solution exists! Getting the California government to listen is the PROBLEM.

WASHINGTON (KTVU) - President Trump spoke from the White House Wednesday about the California wildfires. In his statement, President Trump said, "what's happening should never happen," and that "California needs to get its act together." He also threatened to stop sending unspecified funding to California for wildfires.

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And here we are with thousands of acres and countless billions of dollars every year - yet it's the same issue every year. They don't want to clean up the forests because they have environmental issues for cleaning it up, yet it should be the opposite. Because forests are inevitably lost but naturally regrow, as they have for thousands of years. The stupidity is costing our country hundreds of billions of dollars because of the incompetence in California. I'm speaking now for the people of California. They don't want to see this happen. They're getting destroyed and it's hurting our budgets, it's hurting our country - "and they just better get their act together."

M-Fire's recent white paper defines the problem with a cost effective solution however, getting Governor Brown to listen on his way out is the real problem. Gov. Brown and his Hollywood friends spent a whole week in SF with their crazy political climate summit trying to figure out how to build carbon neutral, while wild fires were consuming homes and destroying our air quality.

We need to spend the money to save entire neighborhoods from these disasters before we spend a dime to save a dead forest. Santa Rosa’s should be our focus not carbon neutral homes. Trying to build carbon neutral homes and buildings is a slap in the face to families that live in vulnerable neighborhoods that insurance carriers are now dropping. Drop green carbon neutral for now and support resilient homes and then you are doing more to defend greenhouse gases than all the other clean energy concepts.

We need to learn from Mother Nature and remember what happened in YellowStone where the seeds were protected from the big wild fire in the pinecone and start worrying and defending all our families that become homeless over night. All western region homes have wild fire design flaws that need to be retro fitted now before we lose thousands more homes. Spend money creating fire inhibitor breaks around these old vulnerable communities instead of spending money out in dead forests that need to burn. Fix the micro hot embers flying onto roofs and into attic vents and we save homes. A home does not need to be a fuel source. We have a plan! Is anyone listening?

Mr. President if you and Dr. Ben Carson would give me 30 minutes of your time I will prove to you that with applied science and test results that I have the best Wild Fire Resilient Roll Out Plan ready to go now. My plan will save thousands of homes (and) make the ones we are rebuilding resilient against future wild fires so they are insurable.

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