Protestors Are Showing Up In San Francisco's Global Climate Action Summit

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Protestors Are Showing Up In San Francisco's Global Climate Action Summit

September 11 2018 by Steve Conboy

If we read their signs, how can we ignore the tens of thousands of homes being consumed by wild fires while so much greenhouse gas is being produced? We put energy out in front of solving this problem we need a new clean science that is ready to arrest wild fire faster than what is being used now. If we add a second tier to our wild fire defense, in a proactive way with clean chemistry we can save homes and eliminate wild fires faster. When that gets done then we can focus on more clean energy.

Please don’t make this climate summit a political attack when it should be more about embracing all available science to unite all humans against climate change. Consider how Northern California this week produced the same amount of air pollution as vehicles did in the state in one year, according to Sean Raffuse, an air-quality analyst at the Crocker Nuclear Laboratory at the University of California, Davis. Protestors at the San Francisco Global Climate Action Summit need to understand a complete picture when it comes to how clean energy technology, including wood products, capture and sequester carbon diode from the atmosphere and reduces greenhouse gases so that everyone can see the real benefits being sought after in the clean energy movement.

Today, especially in California, there is seen a greater need to solve the climate change problem being created by greenhouse gases released from all our wild fires along the west coast. Governor Brown, we know your are a big solar and wind clean energy advocate, but please be an advocate for the new proactive clean chemical technologies that have been developed and currently available in California particularly from my company — M-Fire Suppression,Inc. -- to suppress and arrest wild fires faster and save families their homes and lives and stop all the greenhouse gas being produced today by wild fires. Until we solve the wild fire advance, the great clean energy gains will continually be destroyed by greenhouse gas production caused by wildfires.

At this Summit, please consider and announce a healthy friendly competition to discover and promote new Clean WildFire Inhibitor Innovations across the state that can be used today to stall the advance of wildfire and suppress greenhouse gas production using a proactive clean chemistry solution. By doing so, you would add to your clean Summit agenda, a truly positive way of reducing greenhouse gas and thereby support clean energy gains much better. See Article.

The Northern California wildfires have led to the worst air pollution ever recorded in the area. The air score in Napa hit an ultimate high of 486: more than two times the "very unhealthy" index for air quality.

While Hollywood types will appear at the Summit and try to create more divide in the nation, I plead with you as the Governor to try and unite the left and the right when it comes to harnessing science and technology required to solve humanity’s problems for our populated planet and wreckless industries. Don’t let this topic divide our nation even more than it is. Please be a leader at this Summit and tell everyone we have to put politics aside when it comes to fixing our climate issues.

If you would open the door, I would welcome the opportunity to explain the applied science and technology that my company has developed and is available to improve the lives of every human being and our planet.

Please know that the the Steel Tariff proposed by the Administration provides our country with a great opportunity to lower our dependency on cheap import steel that consumes so much energy to produce while it producing tons of carbon dioxide - which is one of the main contributors to climate weather changes.

Please know that the current Administration signed the (45Q) carbon tax credit over 1 year ago to incentivize those carbon producing energy plants to collect and sequester carbon dioxide and be rewarded with a tax credit. I’m currently looking for someone in Congress to amend the 45Q Tax Provisions to allow lumber to be a part of the 45Q -- since trees that produce lumber are the biggest carbon banks on the planet.

If our national builders could enjoy the benefits from a tax credit for high density stick framed buildings and mass timber building with fire protected lumber, rather than more imported steel, then we would be moving in a very positive direction.

Can you imagine meeting the demands for housing while we creating huge carbon protected storage banks? By doing so, we would lower our dependency on steel and reducing carbon dioxide emissions and cleaning our atmosphere as we try to meet the demands of our over populated planet.

Building high density housing with lumber that comes out of our successful reforestation programs would help to defend climate change because trees collect and sequester carbon.

Please keep in mind we all use air conditioning and heating, drive cars, and fly in planes so we are all contributors to climate change.

We now we have to find ways to unite with a real roll out plan that is cost effective for our great builders, while helping solve these significant problems for all of humanity.

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