September Is Always One Of The Western US' Worst Wild Fire Months

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September Is Always One Of The Western US' Worst Wild Fire Months

September 9 2018 by Steve Conboy

Everyone has a responsibility during wild fire season in the western US.

Our brave firefighters are out there putting it all on the line while there families pray they come home like we do when someone is off at war. If you live in the western US and you plant trees and privacy walls you have a responsibility to trim them of dead branches every year because you are subjecting these fire fighters to undo risk along with all you neighbors homes. Dead branches on trees and shrubs capture embers and light up like Roman candles and you subject your own homes along with everyone in your neighborhood to additional risk. There should be a new LAW where those that ignore this message and allow there trees to hang with dead branches after June should warned and given 30 days and if they take no action the state should move in and charge that irresponsible family for there lazy ness. If you are a homeowner and your power company ignores that fact that there power poles have dead growth around them you should take pictures and warn them they will be held responsible if you lose your home in a wild fire. As a resident of California I have trimmed all my trees and notified my power company by sending them dead growth around there power poles and they have done nothing to remedy the situation.

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California's biggest wildfire ever, still growing, cancels start of school year Cal Fire pushed projected containment of the 290,000-acre Mendocino Complex of fires off until next month at the earliest.

Mendocino Complex fire is largest wildfire in California history More than 14,000 firefighters are now battling over a dozen major blazes across the state.

California wildfires kill eight, burn quarter-million acres in blast furnace weather. "Everything is extremely dry. It's like the perfect recipe for a major fire," a fire official said.

Death toll in Northern California's huge Carr Fire rises to six. "'Extreme' is not even the right adjective to use anymore. It is just an understatement," a fire official said.

Destructive wildfires race across the U.S. West Firefighters toiled in stifling heat Saturday on the lines of wildfires, making progress against some while struggling to tame others.

Weather grants some relief as wildfires burn in West amid heatwave. A fire chief in Santa Barbara County said that had people not have left ahead of a new blaze Friday night, there likely would have been deaths.

One person dead as new wildfires sweep through California, burning homes California Gov. Jerry Brown has declared a state of emergency, citing "extreme peril" to people and property.

Wealthy's use of private firefighters ignites debate in wildfire country "I could care less who owns the house," one firefighter said. "I just want to save as many people as possible."

Southern California's Thomas Fire now largest in state history The so-called Thomas Fire burning since Dec. 4 was at 273,400 acres Friday, larger than the Cedar Fire in 2003 that burned 273,246.

Inferno-fanning winds set to return as Thomas Fire close to becoming largest ever in California Firefighters have contained 50 percent of the huge Thomas Fire in Southern California, and expect the blaze to become the largest in recorded state history.

Two months later, California wildfire victims begin the long road to rebuilding Fire-ravaged debris still litters many neighborhoods in Northern California, where 44 died and more than 6,000 homes were destroyed in October.

California's wildfire, the state's third largest, now bigger than New York City 'As of this morning, we're at 259,000 acres and still growing,' a fire official said Saturday.

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