A Dangerous Wildfire Forced Thousands Of People To Flee Lake Tahoe; Firefighters Are Blaming Climate Change

Lake Tahoe Faces What Could Be the Worst Disaster in its History. With So Much At Stake, We Encourage Homeowners to Use Mighty Fire Breaker’s New MFB-31 Wildfire Defense Technology.

Fire Defense Commentary    Steve Conboy    September 2 2021   

Firefighters fear that gusty winds could drive the Caldor Fire even closer to Heavenly Ski Resort, a popular destination for Tahoe tourists. Fire departments have the ability to add a second line of defense against wildfires using a fire inhibitor that can be sprayed from roads. When wildfires threaten to overrun, MFB-31 can be used as a backup plan to halt the advance of the fire. And because MFB-31 is composed exclusively of food grade chemicals, its use will not contribute to climate change.

Lake Tahoe ski resort uses snow-making machines to fight wildfire

As the flames of California’s Caldor fire approached a popular Lake Tahoe-area ski resort, staff used every tool they could to protect the property, including snowmaking equipment. Staff at Sierra-at-Tahoe spent days preparing to defend the 2,000-acre resort west of South Lake Tahoe from the huge wildfire, which has rapidly advanced through the region. Before the blaze burned on to the property Sunday evening, they had created defensible space around buildings, sealed air ducts to keep out embers and repurposed water hydrants, normally used to make snow, to douse buildings in water.

MFB-31 would be more effective against wildfires than just using water.