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During a Crisis Is the Perfect Time to Try New Offensive Tactics in Wildfire Defense

Fire Defense Commentary    Steve Conboy    July 14 2021   

Mighty Fire Breaker is asking the Biden Administration and the Western governors to consider a new, offensive wildfire defense tactic that uses our innovative fire inhibitor, MFB-31, proven to shut down fire’s ability to advance. Lots of backpack cannon sprayers with MFB-31 fire inhibitor could be out on a wildfire in a few days to prove it will shut wildfire down so much faster than digging fire breaks.

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With continuing record setting summer heat, the threat of even more wildfires is very real. As fire departments find themselves stretched to their limits, new offensive, proactive approaches to wildfire defense seem imperative.

Setting backfires is a tactic where firefighters intentionally set a fire along a fire line’s inner edge, in order to consume the fuel in the path of a wildfire or to change the direction the fire is traveling. This is can be a very labor-intensive and dangerous operation during extreme heat. And it has to be carefully coordinated and planned. Imagine if a fire were set and the winds quickly change; now the fire moves in a different direction than was planned, which could lead to the loss of more homes and the death of residents and even firefighters. Today’s firefighting tactics for wildfires are more defensive than offensive.

When we add offense--spraying firebreaks, instead of setting backfires—we also reduce greenhouse gas production.

Mighty Fire Breaker Is Offering a Safe, Sensible Way to Deploy Firebreaks

“Playing offense” means taking an intentional, proactive approach​. Readily available tanker trucks and atomizing cannons--together with Mighty Fire Breaker’s water soluble MFB-31 fire inhibitor—can be used to safely, effectively, and cost-efficiently spray firebreaks during the extreme summer heat. It only requires one driver and one person firing an atomizing cannon to spraying firebreaks from the road.

Mighty Fire Breaker offense offers a way to deliver long-lasting firebreaks while using our AgTerra tracking to assist in coordinating firefighting resources, all based on food grade fire inhibitor chemistry that gets deeper into dry vegetation, adhering to leaf structures for long-lasting fire defense.

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Extreme hot weather plays a major role in the birth, growth and death of a wildfire. Drought leads to extremely favorable conditions for wildfires, and winds aid a wildfire's progress. Weather can spur the fire to move faster and engulf more land. It can also make the job of fighting the fire with planes and helicopters even more difficult. When roads are available around communities, sprayed firebreaks can be installed and tracked and mapped the day before the wildfire reaches the firebreaks, making them safer to install and much more cost effective.