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Boss Dust Control equipment is available for rent now.

New American Innovations in Chemistry and Delivery Equipment Put In Place Before Evacuation Are Safe and Effective

Fire Defense Commentary    Steve Conboy    July 14 2021   

Mighty Fire Breaker innovations start defending before evacuation, for the safety of property owners and firefighters. Mighty Fire Breaker innovations have been created by the builder who invented the most cost-effective early fire elimination program being used by national builders all around the U.S.

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Water tanker trucks with capacities of 3000, 5000 and 7000 gallons are in fire departments now.

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AgTerra SprayLogger E3B Vehicle Mounted unit is powerful enough to capture firebreak spray detail from the largest rigs with the most complex setups. The multi-port tracking system allows applicators to track and map firebreaks, so firefighting resources can be deployed most effectively.

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With so many wildfires burning at the same time, we must support value engineered offensive wildfire defense tactics, to make firefighting safer for those on the ground and faster and more cost-effective. Firefighters can now spray GPS tracked and mapped firebreaks with MFB-31 faster than they can dig firebreaks. And the sprayed firebreaks will be long lasting and reduce or eliminate the need for setting back fires.