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We are a team lead by a 45-year building expert and an award-winning innovator for over 20 years. We recognize the world is over-populated and in need of healthy change that embraces new methods and technologies that make sure our planet is safe to live on for future generations. We know we might upset some just like change was needed after the Northridge Earthquake, however, change is essential on wood framed structures and combatting wildfires. We fight an uphill battle as other innovators have, (ie.recycling programs) and will continue to by creating our new applied science that make things safer and lower loss. We don't spin “Green;” we promote a real green movement supported by science and testing.

Industrial Revolution

As a human race we can no longer operate like we did during the industrial revolution where greed dominated. We have to support new and better renewable sustainable ways to support the need for shelter while we support future generation with what we leave behind.

Lead Paint

We changed from lead paint to water-borne paint science with zero VOC’s

Lead Paint


We changed to remove the use of asbestos. My father Thomas Conboy died from asbestosis after he was told it was safe to insulate pipes on navy ships.



If we still framed houses with a hammer we would never be able to support our housing starts especially with our labor shortage.

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Innovation created all type of nail guns to help build faster.

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World's Most Cost-Effective Fire Protection

M-Fire Holdings' leader is the inventor of the most cost-effective fire protection program for high density housing that are being attacked by arsonists because he embraced a great scientist and the cleanest safest fire inhibitor chemistry on the planet today.

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Mass Timber with Real Fire Protection

Now our planet wants to build high-rise mass timber with wood and our team is a big supporter of this movement, but only if they stop cutting corners to defend these buildings from fire during construction, by adding fire protection to lower risk for workers and investors.

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Stronger, Straighter, Drier Lumber

We are now out to defend our national builders from saturated lumber exposed to our new extremely wet winters with stronger, straighter, dryer lumber that they deserve.

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Support Reforestation

We support reforestation to sequester CO2 as we promote defending the carbon left behind in the wood by fire protecting it, so that stored carbon is never released back into the atmosphere in a fire. We hope that Congress will one day soon support our Carbon Tax Credit Bill to reward the great builders that fire defend 100% of the lumber because it will promote more and more reforestation and reduce greenhouse gas production.

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Safety for Firefighters

We support our brave young firefighters that are asked to fight wildfires with hand held tools when backpacks with clean fire chemistry would eliminate the advance of fire so much faster then digging fire breaks thus subjecting these people to undo risk.

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Wasted Money

We are watching planes dropping heavy concentration levels of fire retardants that are not really lowering our losses but consuming the fire defense budgets while the owners that lease the planes are either trying or going public on Wall Street.

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Not Proactive

Any chemistry coming down on the environment in such heavy concentration levels has a negative storm water runoff that can impact streams and fish and vegetation.

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Locked n' Loaded

Our Proactive Wild Fire Defense Program is locked-n-loaded and only deploys chemistry when structures are under attack from an advancing wildfire and during evacuation. We systematically spray; we do not dump heavy concentration of chemicals; we cling to structures, roof and vegetation with no cleanup and this chemistry shuts down a fire's ability to advance to help reduce loss.

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