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Mighty Fire Breaker®
Accredited, Certified, Fire Technology

UL GREENGUARD™ Gold Certified
Non-toxic to plant, animal and human life

We believe all of the Mighty Fire Breaker products will outperform in early fire elimination and defend longer, based on independent ASTM test rests on lumber and fir branches.

Our natural chemistry fire inhibitor will not harm our drinking water or air quality. Our ingredients are food grade, affirmed as generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. No hazards have been classified for our ingredients according to REACH, a regulation of the European Union adopted to improve the protection of human health and the environment and implemented by ECHA, the European Chemicals Agency.

What should I spray with MFB-31?

The biggest wildfire threat comes from dry fuels. MFB-31 can be sprayed on houses, shake roofs, decks, doors, eaves, fences, outbuildings, sheds, dog houses, dry brush, shrubbery, and trees—anything that wind-driven embers could ignite and support fire advance.

When it comes to decks, even leaves that get blown and trapped under the deck pose a threat. The only way to remove this threat is to close the deck elevation, so wind driven hot embers cannot gain entry to ignite and burn the deck, especially of the deck is attached to the home.

Do fences sprayed with MFB-31 provide a fire break?

Staining or painting a fence helps create a fire break effect. For greater protection, spray both sides of your fence with MFB-31 and install a horizontal base board, so fire and embers can not get under the fence.

How much MFB-31 do I need to defend against fire ember ignition?

MFB-31(LC), our Liquid Concentrate, comes in 1-gallon containers that will make 5 gallons of fire inhibitor. That 5 gallons of fire inhibitor will coat 500-700 square feet of area on solid wood surfaces, such as fences and decking.

When spraying to coat dry brush or trees, the degree of dryness affects how much liquid should be used when spraying.

Our Applicators are trained to spray MFB-31 using approved backpack spray cannons, which dispense the proper amount of inhibitor on dry vegetation and trees

How often should I spray MFB-31?

As a general rule the drier the fuel, the more often it should be sprayed with MFB-31. Fences, decks, patio covers, and wood shake roofs should be sprayed a minimum of twice during the hot summer months or again after a rain. Your first application should be near the start of the warm weather season. Our Applicators have been trained to assess the risks of each individual property and make a recommendation for the frequency of spraying.

If a wildfire is approaching, and you are being told to prepare for a possible evacuation, you can respray. Just make sure to evacuate when you are told it’s time.

How long can I expect MFB-31 to last?

That depends on weather conditions, such as rain and humidity. For example, during dry hot months, it can last much longer on wood and dry vegetation.

Best practice is to periodically test for ongoing protection. If you cut dry vegetation from multiple previously-sprayed locations within your property, you can put those cuttings on concrete and try to ignite them with a log lighter or torch. If you cannot get a flame and ignition with samples from multiple previously-sprayed locations, you probably don’t need to respray yet.

What is Mighty Fire Breaker’s No Short Cut wildfire defense program?

We believe you shouldn’t have to settle for “just-in-time” private firefighters. Our approach is to harden (prepare) structures before an event occurs, based on an assessment your property's unique risks—with chemistry that is safe to use around humans, animals and the environment. Recent research indicates that two out of every three homes destroyed during wildfire events was the result, directly or indirectly, of wind-driven hot embers. These embers are capable of igniting and burning your home in several ways. Our No Short Cut recommendations for lowering your risk of loss include:

  • • Creating fire breaks by removing combustibles from around the home, including easy ignition trees and piles of firewood next to the defended structure.
  • • Blocking embers by retrofitting roof, gable end, soffit, and crawl space vents with wildfire-resistant vents, a key step in our No Short Cut program.
  • • Creating a perimeter around your home with our rooftop, selfpowered Locked-N-Loaded sprinkler system equipped with patent protected fire inhibitor, our secondary line of defense that is put into action by the property owner when asked to evacuate.
  • • Spraying our fire inhibitor in areas around the home that pose the greatest risk—twice a season, during hot months—to help reduce the risk posed by dry vegetation, patio covers, decks, garden bark, and fences.
  • How does Mighty Fire Breaker’s Locked-N-Loaded sprinkler system work?

    Our Locked-N-Loaded rooftop sprinkler system, equipped with MFB-31 fire inhibitor, is there to defend 24/7, every day of the year. This system is only turned on when the property own is told it’s time to evacuate from a wildfire event. The system does not depend on your home’s water or power. Once started, the system’s gas pump saturates the roof structure itself and around the structure, to create a proactive “perimeter of defense” against wildfire.

    We at Mighty Fire Breaker promote early evacuation in support of our firefighters. Personal safety is paramount. Please do not put yourself in danger during of wildfire.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you firefighters?
Answer:No we are no where near for we are there with you before they show up to promote safe early evacuation

Is this a Fire Retardant?
Answer:No it's a Fire Inhibitor called MFB-31.

So what is this MFB-31 fire inhibitor?
Answer:It's a clean safe chemistry and our ingredients are used food so its safe around humans and animals and will not hurt the environment.

How do we know it will work and block wind ember ignition ?
Answer:Because our accredited laboratory results on Christmas trees and wood proves it will fight fire even when it's dry to the bone.

Does this guarantee there will be no loss?
Answer: There are no guarantees in any type of fire product(s) but the more you do before a fire shows up the better chances you have to reduce easy ignition and fire advance.

How does it need to be separated on dry vegetation, dry fences and dry decks?
Answer:We recommend twice during hot months and a reapplication after rain.

Will this help me get lower insurance rates?
Answer:If you follow our complete No Short Cut Wildfire Defense Program we would hope you would get a Reduction because you reduced your insurance providers risk too.

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