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our mission

To bring sustainable chemistry to firefighting that lowers the risk of property loss from wildfire, arson, and accidental fire without harming human health, animal life, our air, and our water.

By promoting proactive fire defense, we aim to help shut down fire advance, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions and other air pollutants. Because our products contain no phosphates or ammonia, they will not contribute to nutrient pollution, which the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) characterizes as “one of America's most widespread, costly and challenging environmental problems, with far reaching impacts on human health.”


Wildfire Home
Spray Defense

Spray Defense



GPS Based
Fire-Protection Tracking
and Mapping

Defending Lumber
From Mold and Fire

Defending Lumber

Fuel Driven

Thank you for generously installing your Locked-N'-Loaded Fire System on my Victorian Home in honor of my dear departed husband, Peter. He is smiling from heaven at your generous gift of protection on our historic home! Your fire system has given me piece of mind. I am now rest assured that my home is protected.
Mighty Fire Breaker is the best defense against fire. Thank you Steve!

Marian Foppiano

Historic Healdsburg Homeowner

“As consultants, we rely exclusively on General Contractors...“We believe this MFB Program is truly the best in Proactive Wildfire Defense. MFB recognizes that General Contractors are needed to recognize and remove wildfire risk. The fact that MFB uses a human and animal safe chemistry that defends the future of our environments from toxins makes its Locked-n-Loaded System all the better!”

Scott Willis

San Diego

As a retired healthcare professional, I always practiced prevention for my patient's health. That's why I love this advancement in proactive wildfire defense. We live in an area that is highly threatened by wildfires... Mighty Fire Breaker retrofitted all my vents and installed two Locked-n-Loaded Systems. It makes us feel like we have done all we could to embrace this new technology to reduce the risk of losing what we could never replace. We are big supporters!”

Grigg DeWitt

Lake Tahoe