Mighty Fire Breaker® Accredited, Certified, Fire Technology
UL GREENGUARD™ Gold Certified. Non-toxic to plant, animal and human life

Mighty Fire Breaker™ adds MFB-31 to Eco Wood Mulch

Eco Wood Mulch for creating long-lasting firebreaks. These eco-friendly firebreaks are safe around humans and animals. They contain no MAP and DAP fertilizer, no phosphate, and no ammonia. We use only food grade ingredients so as not to contribute nutrient pollution to the environment, which the EPA believes can affect vital ground water and drinking water sources, posing serious public health threats to humans and aquatic life. Fire-defended Eco Wood Mulch sprayed on dry native vegetation helps defend it from wind-driven ember ignition and helps shut down fire’s ability to advance.

Our MFB-31 fire inhibitor is not a fire retardant. When recycled wood and paper Eco Wood Mulch is blended with MFB-31, the mulch helps defend our fire inhibitor chemistry from UV light and rain.
Mighty Fire Breaker™ Hydro Fire Slurry helps Firefighters knock down smoke and arrest reignition while containing toxic run offs
As brave firefighters are out spraying water on smoldering homes from wildfires to assure the burning embers do not reignite and start other fires, we must be concerned of all the considerable water waste and toxic run off it creates. Our Hydro Fire Slurry™ when applied in advance, chokes the smoke and eliminates the advance of fire and smoldering embers from reigniting while saving millions of gallons of water. We spray our soaked and dried fiber formula blanketing the fire-torn building which immediately arrests the smoldering from creating toxic smoke that have destroyed the air quality of cities like Santa Barbara and all the green house gas emitted.

Hydroseed companies can buy directly from Mighty Fire Breaker. Just pour in liquid MFB-31 when blending your mulch with water, and you are ready to deliver long-lasting firebreaks around and under power towers, transformers, communities, and wineries and along rural roadsides used during wildfire evacuation.

Let’s get proactive together. Help support our firefighters even before a fire shows up.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The biggest wildfire threat comes from dry fuels. MFB-31 can be sprayed on houses, shake roofs, decks, doors, eaves, fences, outbuildings, sheds, dog houses, dry brush, shrubbery, and trees—anything that wind-driven embers could ignite and support fire advance.

    When it comes to decks, even leaves that get blown and trapped under the deck pose a threat. The only way to remove this threat is to close the deck elevation, so wind driven hot embers cannot gain entry to ignite and burn the deck, especially of the deck is attached to the home.

  • Staining or painting a fence helps create a fire break effect. For greater protection, spray both sides of your fence with MFB-31 and install a horizontal base board, so fire and embers can not get under the fence.

  • That depends on weather conditions, such as rain and humidity. For example, during dry hot months, it can last much longer on wood and dry vegetation.

    Best practice is to periodically test for ongoing protection. If you cut dry vegetation from multiple previously-sprayed locations within your property, you can put those cuttings on concrete and try to ignite them with a log lighter or torch. If you cannot get a flame and ignition with samples from multiple previously-sprayed locations, you probably don’t need to respray yet.

  • No we are no where near for we are there with you before they show up to promote safe early evacuation

  • No we are no where near for we are there with you before they show up to promote safe early evacuation

  • No it's a Fire Inhibitor called MFB-31.

  • It's a clean safe chemistry and our ingredients are in used food so it's safe around humans and animals and will not hurt the environment.

  • Because our accredited laboratory results on Christmas trees and wood proves it will fight fire even when it's dry to the bone.

  • There are no guarantees in any type of fire product(s) but the more you do before a fire shows up the better chances you have to reduce easy ignition and fire advance.

  • If you follow our complete No Short Cut Wildfire Defense Program we would hope you would get a Reduction because you reduced your insurance providers risk too.

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